2020 Dates Booked

DJ Kyle Ray Current Dates Booked

Due To Covid-19 Some Dates Have Been Changed By Request Of The Client.


May 23rd 2020-Brittney Wright Ceremony Only

May 30th 2020- Amber Bishop

May 31st 2020- Erin Bloss (ceremony only)

June 6th 2020- Jason Rhodes (Video) 

June 13th 2020- Titan Man 

June 20th 2020- Amber Burch- pending pp

June 27th 2020- Brittney Watts 

July 4th 2020- Krysta Skaggs

July 11th 2020- Lisa Ridgway

July 11th 2020- Jessica James**(PPD) 

July 12th 2020- Gina White

July 18th 2020- Madeline Dekarske

July 18th 2020- Kyle Lamar**(PPD)

July 25th 2020- Chasity Mariah (IL Wedding Video

August 1st 2020- Tyla Bryant

August 8th 2020- Allison Owens

August 15th 2020-Chris Lasley 

August 28th 2020- Zara Strickland

August 22nd 2020- Jordan Staples 

August 29th 2020- Crystal Moore 

September 5th 2020- Brittney Wilson 

September 6th 2020- Erin Bloss

September 12th 2020- Karen Miller

September 19th 2020- Jane Gibson

September 26th 2020- Braxton Lamb 

October 3rd 2020- Hannah Malot 

October 4th 2020- Belinda Starck

October 10th 2020- Kelsy Pecka

October 17th 2020- Olivia Barnett

October 24th 2020- Cierra Carr

October 31st 2020- Tiffany White

November 7th 2020- Brad Haase

November 7th 2020- Katelyn Miller

November 14th 2020- Katelyn Kersteins

November 28th 2020- Caitlyn Staples

December 12th 2020- Grace Voyles

December 31st 2020- Katelyn Henning

DJ Hope Ray Current Dates Booked


June 6th 2020- Shianne Taylor

June 20th 2020- Lauren Wright 

June 20th 2020- Sydney Sullenger

July 11th 2020- Kelsi Jackson 

July 11th 2020- Sara Padgett

July 18th 2020- Josh Crochet

July 25th 2020- Linzee Morgan

August 1st 2020- Sydney McElwain

August 15th 2020-Haley Givens  

August 22nd 2020- Ally Arendell 

August 29th 2020- Brittney Nash 

September 5th 2020- Paula Leach 

September 12th 2020- Erin Moser 

September 19th 2020- Kyle & Sarah

September 26th 2020- Marisa Bohn 

October 3rd 2020- Alexis Renfro- Videography

October 10th 2020- Chelsea Sechrest

October 17th 2020- Almera Demirovic

October 24th 2020- Amber Gross 

November 7th 2020- Katie Okes

November 23rd 2020- Dawn Strange 

November 28th 2020- Claire Cross (Tanglewood Winner) 

December 12th 2020- Whitney Sims